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To the graduated class of BDC 2013 Finishers, and all other Wantabees' and Wished I would haves',
First, the weather was about as good as it ever gets all around Borrego Double Century!
There were three start times: 4:30, 5:30, and 6:00.

Even though there was a 6am start time, Joel Sothern still blew by everyone and set a new course record of 11 hours, 58 minutes! Congratulations Joel!! He rode the double by himself, coming in with no competition.
All was quiet and calm climbing out of Borrego this year. As the sun rose higher, the breezes came along on the upper half of 11 mile Montezuma grade.

At the top, it was cold enough to slip on a windbreaker, long fingered gloves, and keep moving. Volunteer Lynne Billie, here at the first rest stop enjoyed taking pictures of everyone, while Frank Neal helped riders remove lights & put on warm clothes.
Ken Mathis welcomed the riders in Santa Ysabel with hot apple pie. His phone had quit working, so he never got the messages to stop by and pick up the supplies for rest stop 2. Being concerned, I put the supples for Rest Stop 7 in my van as a plan B. Survival training and thinking, along with RAAM experiences paid off this time!

Lots of downhill on back roads as the riders made their way to Escondido, Rest Stop 3. Here, at the end of the bike path, Volunteers Ed Ebright, Carlos Torres, and Arturo Vaszcan said the riders seemed to like the gormet healthy PB&J sandwiches Ed had made up the night before, the best of everything out there.

More gradual down hill, all the way to the ocean where lunch was waiting, right on the beach next to the Oceanside Pier. Here, Volunteers Jed Staley, (Cardiff By the Sea), Steve & Virgina Meichtry (West Lake) and their daughter from San Diego made custom sandwiches for the riders as well as all the Volunteers. It was a party scene as the area was full of beach babies celebrating Memorial Day weekend. Some thought they'd rather stay there for the rest of the day, however Borrego had a stronger magnet.

Onward on the bike path for seven miles, with tailwinds pushing them towards the long maeandering climb on Lilac grate. Frank Neal was at the water stop, half way up. Today it was cool, and the nylons for would-be ice collars went un-used.

Cole Grade Rd., RS 5, home of the yogurt-fruit smoothies by Lynn Billie, were a delight as always. Credit for the smoothie invention goes to Fred Klinzman, by the way. Here it was breezy and warm, but not hot. Lynne had everything all set up and down to a science! Carlos and Arturo, who had driven in all the way from Tiajuana to volunteer, said they enjoyed helping the riders who seemed quite appreciative.

A top the last tough grade, the sign announcing the turn off for Palomar Mtn. is gladly bi-passed. Three miles of downhill, then flat through the mountains all the way to Lake Henshaw, the 6th Rest Stop. Manned by Volunteer Ed Ebright from Carlsbad, he looked like a pro at volunteering with his comfy rocking chair, and everything set up under the shade of a tree. Riders appreciated the chunky chicken noodle stew here the most, along with the needed Hammer products.

There are four flat miles to the T, a right turn on S2 which leads into a 4% grade for about 4 miles, then down hill to the next T, in Santa Ysabel, then a climb up to the one-horse country-western town of Julian, with one stop sign. Volunteer Don Tolbert, (a retired Marine, 6x ironman, & 20 marathon finshes from Yucca Valley), set up this stop, right at the end of the .2 mile town, just before the long downhill, Banner grade. Since he'd ridden the Staff ride, he was able to answer all the riders questions about the miles ahead of them. Lynne Billie was also there to help serve hot stew and get the riders into warmer clothes for the down hill.

At the bottom of Banner grade, the riders were now back in the desert and being pushed back to Borrego with tailwinds. This is a fun part of the double with lots of downhill and beautiful desert scenery in the day light, or lots of stars at night. Even the last 2.5 mile climb up Yaki Pass wasn't so bad with those tailwinds in summertime.

Downhill, city lights a ways away, full moon overhead, the only challenge left was the flat 2 mile headwind, which finally lets up as the road curves to the right, three miles out from Borrego.

Not much in Borrego, "Christmas Circle" around the city park, no signals, and then just around that circle the Riders are welcomed home at Hacienda Del Sol Motel.

Homemade enchiladas, heated up by the kitchen microwave along with rice, beans and apple pie were served by Frank Neal and myself.

Riders ate on the patio under a full moon, with calm, cool desert air. The last rider came in at 12:40pm, just as proud and tough as the first rider! You know, you look st the times of these Riders, including the riders on the Staff double, and all it tells you is the time started and the time Finished. Yet there's a wonderful story to be told by every single Rider! And there's wonderful story to by told by every single Volunteer! I wish you could hear them all!

It was an awesome day for Borrego Double Century, and also an awesome day after, as at the cold cereal breafast around the pool, we went through the stories of every single Silent Rider, and how they contributed to the lives of us still living. John Clare's words about his father, who'd ridden 152 double centuries were particularly momentous. This year we added a new name to the riders listed on the jersey sleeves, Steve Bowen. It would have been nice to have had someone there who rode with him, talk about him. We still paused to remember.

Borrego Double Century, a time to make a memory, a time to remember all our Silent Riders with us in spirit.

See you next year, in Borrego!
Anny Beck, Ride Director

25 Finshers, The Few, The Tough, The Proud!!! Two DNF's who claimed "the other side of valor is knowing when to retreat."

See You at the Top, "Unstopable"!
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