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Fires broke out on the backside of Borrego 2 days before the ride, necessitating a quick route change. After spending hours on it, up until 3am, the following night Kermit Ganier spent more hours on it, up till 2:30am re-checking route calculations; printing up 200 route slips! The route stayed the same, except for the end: Julian Banner grade were deleted, with the troop returning back to Montezuma the way they came out. After all that, Steve Miechtry caught a (L) turn error that we Vol's were able to rescue hand write in (R) before the slips were handed out. Whew!

Borrego DC was the 3rd Race of the Stage Race Series this year, with approx. 15,800 ft. in 206 miles! (Averaging in elevations that were sent in after the double.)

Montezuma Grade lived up to it's name on this years Borrego Double Century. Appproximately three miles into this eleven mile climb, the Boxing Match began, bashing seasoned Cyclists around from all directions!! Several said it stopped them right in their tracks. Russell Cammell said it blew him off his bike three times, (however he was able to unclip.) (He his wife Linda, helped vol. before the DC.) Reve Ramos said he was forced to stop twice, and the only way he could get going was to go down hill a bit and turn around! Precipitation added more drizzle to the situation. A top Montezuma, at the 1st Rest Stop(Ranchita), Vol's Lori Cherry and Frank Neal helped the riders snug on clothes on they'd bagged up, and doling out warm colthes other vol's had brought in for ones under prepared. Here midst the whipping cold showering winds, emerged a breathtaking, spectacular Rainbow that spanned the entire sky above the earth. All the colors were incredibly vivid! As we gazed in awe, I understood it as a sign that this battle, along with the fires, would die-down. The sun would be out today. Those capturing it's aweness in pictures said they didn't have a camera big enough to match the human eye! Six tough ultra-distance riders called it quits right here. The rest pressed on. It was brutal out there, & I learned a lot just watching. Like the butterfly, gotta let the metamorphasis happen.

Rest Stop 2 Santa Ysabel, welcomed the riders with Hot Apple Pie, fresh from the bakery next door, which seemed to make room fo the sun tocome out on the inside! Several said it was the best part of the whole ride!! Volunteers Joe Brown, Tom Parks, Robin Nash, Stephanie Figgat, and David Slayton manned this heart-warming stop.

The "Clown" San Diegan Volunteers at the San Marcos Rest Stop were dressed in full 60's attire, complete with (orange fluffy) wigs and hats! These San Diegan DCCyclists had brought their own special kind of Elvis Cheerleading Squad to the party, and by now, things were drying out and looking up! The Sun was Out to stay!! Hi-Fives go to Vol's Steve Jackson, Lisa Nicholson, Larry Gitman, David Dubowits, Doris Asombrado, and MarkZerega.

Onward to lunch right on the famous Oceanside Strand, smack on the ocean! Soaking in the pacific view, chowing down custom sandwiches, and gulping down the water designed esp. for endurance athletes, some said they took a little longer there than they needed to, with little regret. Jessica "Little Bro" Major Harbour, Gerry Perryman, along with OCW members, Jim Brewer, Bob Fieldhouse, and Kelly Laxamana made a lively team here by the pier. Seven miles on a flat bike path gave the riders some time to digest lunch, before starting the climb up Lilac.

Half way up the meandering Lilac climb, Frank Neal said he seemed at the right place at the right time with a water stop.
Onward to Rest Stop 5, home of the strawberry-banana-yugurt smoothies, made by Lori Cherry, and Lynne Billie; both new to this task, did a great job! Willie Hunt and Dennis Kokas also took care of the Riders after that exhilirating 9% down hill with awsome views!

Joe Brown, Tom Parks, Sonny & Sophie Too, Chris Haynes, and Jim Cook manned Rest Stop 6, greeting the Riders this time with "almost" homemade stew. At least one of the Riders asked for the delicious receipe...no problem piped up Tom, it's Walmart's chicken & roast beef soups all mixed together! ; Said the trick is in the wrist (pop-top!) Six more riders DNF'd here, but not Jerry Brown, who said it actually wasn't bad gettting lost out there, adding 11 miles to his day! Said someone had loaned him a jacket which had kept him on the road to the Finish Line!! Some just earn a trophie in Spirit, (including the jacket loaners!)

Tailwinds paid the Cyclists back, coming back towards Montezuma. Flying down Montezuma one said, coming down Montezuma was like Disneyland! Others had a different story.

Who came in First in Borrego this Stage Race year?! Well, it was none other than last year's First Finisher, Drew Peterson!! He hadn't signed up for the Stage Race, so he wasn't an official Stage Race Winner. Joel Southern, and Robert Choi came in together, just minutes behind Drew, the true 1st & 2nd place Winners of the Stage Race. Gary Swanson & Reve Ramos came in 3rd in Borrego. For the Women, it was Susan Forsman First, Becky Berka Second, and Isabel Drake Third! Sophie Too, Lori Cherry, and Lynn Billie helped served up fresh, home-made enchiladas by nephew/chef Joe Harbour. The last Riders came in at 1am. Sophie said she was up till 2am feeding them! As you all know, every Rider has thier story; each of them worhty of their own Ride Report. I wish you could hear them; as they all are special in their own right! This was the first time this Double had a mis-hap. The accident did not involve a vehicle, and ambulance nor urgent care was needed. Just glad it wasn't any worse.

72 Riders registered, 68 showed up, 14 DNF'd, with 54 Awesome Finishers!!!!!!! Two types of trophies were presented at the cold-cereal Awards' Breakfast the next morning. One went to the 1st Finishers in Borrego DC, and the other went to the Over-all Stage Race Winners in Calif. Triple Crown; the later presented by Chuck Bramwell.

1st Place in Borrego: Drew Peterson, 2nd Place tied with Joel Southern. & Robert Choi, 3rd Place tied with Gary Swanson & Reve Ramos.

1st Place in Borrego Women: Susan Forsman, 2nd Place Becky Berka, and 3rd Place Isabelle Drake. Congratualations to all these Tough Riders!!!!!! Trophies for the Calif. CTC Stage Race: 1st Place Joel Southern, 2nd Place: Robert Choe, 3rd Place: Gary Swanson Women Winners: Susan Forsman, 2nd Place, Becky Berka & 3rd Place, Isabelle Drake. Congratulations to this well-earned tough Stage Race!!!!!!

On another note, also recognized were our Silent Riders who have ridden double centuries, but are no longer with us; very fitting for this Memorial Day Weekend.

Special Mention were of the two most recent, John Clare & Matt. Wilson. Several others were also mentioned: Troy Rafelson, Bruce Taylor, Rod Armas, Tom Milton, Jim Swartzman, Barbara Warren, Ron Way, JoAnn Pensyres, Anne Schneider, Dan Crain, Don Murphy. Shared a little bit about their contribution to our lives and or how they passed.

A Big Thank-You to all of You who Finished it, Volunteered for it, and to those who gave ;your best shot at attempting it! Thank you Roland Hoffman for filming the Award's ceremony, for all to enjoythis historical moment in Borrego.

As we conclude, we Salute all the Finishers of this tough Borrego Double Century. We pause again to remember those we rode with, hearing echos of thier cheers, as we conclude. In Borrego,
Always Lookin' Up,
With a Grateful Heart,
Your Ride Director,
  Anny Beck
See You at the Top, "Unstopable"!
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