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35 riders started and all 35 finished!!!

Borrego Double Century, Nov. 5th, 2011

    First, I was totally impressed with the individual resumes from the ones who signed up.  I asked for the 3 doubles they'd done as I wanted to know what kind of cyclist I'd have on the ride.  Some had done PBP, 508, Grand Cyn 600K, so on & so forth.  Veronica had done every double this year!!
    52 Cylists started at one of the two time starts.  Most started at 4:30.
    At the 4:30 start we had 5 seconds of silence to remember those who had passed on, whose names are written on both sleeves of this years jersey, which was followed by a short prayer asking God to keep us safe.
    This is the 4th year with 100% safety record, for which I am most grateful!!!!!
    Temperatures at the top of Montezuma grade, going down hill, against the wind, dipped down to  a brrrrrrrr 29 degrees!!!  What amazed me was that the Riders came so well prepared for it; acutally listening to previously e-mailed advice to prepare for the cold. 
     Everyone was glad the all-day-rain from the day before had ceased.  A beautiful reddish-pink line across the entire Borrego sky invited the sunrise as the cyclists climbed out of the quiet desert.
     Nothing better than hot apple pie to help leave the cold morning behind.  This rest stop was hosted by Ken Mathis & Clay Sharp.
     Onward, down Ramona Grade to the third rest stop where the sun was shining warmly, while Volunteers Shawn Mehaffey Joe Brown, & Brandon Too, cheerfully served the Riders a variety of fruit, & food bars, with the alkanized water from the Water Brewery & Hammer products. 
    Onward to lunch in Oceanside, right on the beach, welcomed by the waves and Volunteers,  Jessica & Matthew Harbour, Robin Nash & 2 girls, Natalie & Nellie, making great tasting custom sandwiches.  Willie Hunt had also brought more of the water made for endurance athletes.
     The warm sun stayed with them until rest stop 5 @ Cole Grade Road, then somewhat surprisingly began to turn cool again.  It was way too cold to wait until rest stop 6 to get the warm clothes back on, so I drove on to 6, tossed the bags in my van, picked up Teresa Beck to help, and off we went.  I'd pull over to the side of the road when it was safe to do that, and Teresa would quickly jump out & hollar out "We have your bag from rest stop 6, need anything?"  "Yes!!! they'd reply!  Next thing you know, Teresa & I were helping them put on their gear, & lights and snapping a quick picture just before they took off!  It was a scene to be remembered by all of us out there!!!  We did regretfully miss one person.
Back at 6, Ken called to tell me we'd missed one...Ken I said, remember I asked all the Volunteers to bring extra warm clothes for the Riders...yes I have some...well nows the time to give it out...OK, no problem. 
      Eventually,  Teresa & I made it all the way back to rest stop 5, where my Brother Perry & his son Joe had been serving banana-strawberrie smoothies, along with Willie Hunt. They were packed up with just one smoothie left over.  Teresa  Beck slurped gladly it up. 
      The weather this year was the coldest I've ever seen & experienced it in November.  Yet, the Riders relentlessly perservered to the end.  To tell you the truth, I thought "these Cyclists go far beyond the standards of the U.S. Marine Boot Camps!!"  This double used to be called " Die-Hard Double Century"; perhaps it should go back to its original name!  Out of 52,  7  dropped before the Borrego Finish.  Cold weather was the number one reason.  Fingers & toes just needs more warm gear.
     It was after midnight, that, no less than 14 "Die-Hard" Cyclists pressed on to the Finish Line.  The non-quiters, pushed through the freezing cold night time decent.  What if I'd been one?   Followed in by Jay Nielson from Modesto, 64 yr.old Ed straggeled in at " 2:52" am.  Beth from Indio had followed in the others who came in after mid-night, including her boyfriend Steve.  Standing for hours in the cold, Ken Mathis, Shawn Mehaffey, Joe Brown, & Clay Sharp had served vegetable soup, hot apple cider, hot coffee, and mocha from rest stop 6.
     Back at the Finish Line, Stacy & Greg from OCW, along with Julie Stokes, Esther Jenson, my Big Bro. Perry Harbour & his Son Joe were serving the homemade enchilada cassarole made by my nephew Joe Harbour.  I think every single Rider complemented Joe for his delicious cassarole!!  We all enjoyed celebrating Kieth Jenson's 47th Birthday with the delicious cake his wife Esther brought, and the the giant Birthday card she had everyone sign...and yes, she made a card for me as well! 
     Little by little, they all straggled in.  They'd open the door and with a big grin the first words out of their mouth would be "Thank-You!  It was a beautiful ride!  Cold, but beautiful, well supported, your Volunteers were excellent Anny...everyone was so helpful and caring out there throughout the entire day!"  Most all them said they loved the ride!  I received no complaints.
     Everyone of those Rider Finishers has their own personal story.  A story of  perserverance & triumph!  I'm so, so proud of each one Chuck!  I'm just as proud of the Volunteers who supported them!  It's a huge team effort.  206 miles, 14,900 feet,  freezing cold weather desending of Montezuma grade in the morning, and
then again in the evening. They all came in Lookin' Up as Winners, on Borrego Double Century, 2011!!
      I'd call this a "Beyond Category 5" Double Century!!
      The Teamwork from the Volunteers was phenomenal!!
      The First Rider in was Drew Peterson, who drove up from El Cajon (San Diego) that morning, was the last one to leave, got lost, and the first one to arrive!  (He was also the first one in when this was first tested back in '06!)  Coming with Collin Stokes, Kieth Jenson celebrated his 47th Birthday in 3rd place.  Kieth said this was his 1st DC 4 years ago, and hope to get his 50th by next year!!!!
       What a Beyond Category 5 Epic Borrego it was this year for everyone involved!  I stand amazed with each one; Rider as well as Volunteer.  This Borrego Double Century Family are now officially "Borrego Hall of Fame Finishers", along with the previous Borrego DC Finishers! 
          Chariots of Fire, Die-Hard Cyclists!
          Looking Up in Borrego,
          Anny Beck, Ride Producer



It's only right to add here that several traveled hundreds of miles to Volunteer.

          Chuck Bramwell, our Leader of California Triple Crown & Frank Neal the Stat Man for CTC
          First, behind the scenes: Russell Camell (Hall of Famer) helped organize the food & supplies going to rest stops

            RS #1: Ranchita: Julie Stokes, & Esther Jensen.
            RS #2: Santa Ysabel: Ken Mathis, Joe Brown, Brandon Too
            RS #3: Escondido: Shawn Mehaffey, Joe Brown, Brandon Too
            RS #4: Lunch, Oceanside: Jessica & Matthew Harbour, Robin Nash, & her 2 daughters Natalie & Nellie (10 &12)
            RS #5: Valley Center, Cole Grade Rd.; Willie Hunt, Perry Harbour & Joe Harbour
            RS #6: Santa Ysabel: Ken Mathis, Shawn Mehaffey, Joe Brown, Brandon Too

          Finish line & Dinner, Borrego: Stacey & Greg from OCW, Julies Stokes, Esther Jenson, Perry Harbour, & Joe
          Roving Sag: Kermit Ganier, Beth (Steve Seamans's Girlfriend), Mike Wilson, & Jay Nielson
          Last but not in any way least, Teresa Beck helped me give most all of you your warm clothes out there on the road
          before Rest Stop 6.
          They all did this from their Heart. Each one did an amazing job out there!!!! I do mean AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

          I stand in AWE of each one on this Borrego Team; the Riders & the Volunteers. Just 100% total AWE!!!
          A special thanks to all the family & friends of those who surround us in spirit as "We Remember" who
          has ridden Double Centuries out there with us, whose names are written on the Borrego sleeves of
          this years jersey.

            On the Ultra Pedals,
            Proudly & Respectully,
            Lookin' Up in Borrego,
            Anny Beck
See You at the Top, "Unstopable"!
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