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Mountain High had 61 Cyclists from as far away as Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Northern California showed up for Borrego Double Ordeal. I would have liked to have caught on video the Gang singing "Happy Birthday" to me at 4:15 in the morning. (No one's ever sang Happy Birthday to me at 4:15am in my 57 years of Longevity!)

As they climbed a new day dawned with the sunrise revealing the beautiful desert boulders and mountains surrounding them. A top Montezuma, in Ranchita, Volunteers from restop # 1, Julia Stokes, Sherry Powell, and Steve Gilmore greeted cyclists with fruit, chocolate chip cookies, and supplements while they yanked on everything warm they'd brought. True to November mountain form, the chilly tailwind numbed face, hands, toes, and iced eyebrows as they fought the shivers down hill on over to Mesa Grande. Here the rolling hills brought some warmth, with a gorgeous "airplane view" of the sun shining above the glistening clouds.

Due to the early morning nip, Julian Pie Shop allowed the cyclists to enjoy their hot apple pie inside to warm up a bit. Several cyclists said their thermometer had read anywhere from 33 to 30 degrees on the way there. Willy Hunt, Stan Alvidrez, Nancy Basich, and Steve Gilmore helped the cyclists outside the pie shop with their water & powder fill-ups, while the two Ham Radio operators pointed the cyclists to the changed location for the reststop. The sun, by now, was shining through autumn leaves and reving up for a pleasantly warm day ahead.

Rolling through Old Julian Road brought scenes of a Camelbak...excuse me, a camel farm with cute baby camels, goat farm, horse pastures, cattle farms, and a sheep pasture.

Rolling thru the small country town of Ramona, the best store there is Kurt's Bike Shop, which is about a hundred years old. Right turn, up 3 rollies and another 5 mile down hill lead the cyclists past the Wild Animal park into the city of Escondido where the city bike path ended at the 3rd rest stop with Dan Crain and my brother Johnny Harbour serving lots of fruit, juice, and the regular Hammer and food bar products.

On towards the lunch stop in Oceanside. Cyclists sat down with views of Pier framed with palm trees and the Pacific Ocean waving Hi. Some said they wished they were at the ride end as it was so beautiful they didn't want to leave. One cyclist remarked the 10 doubles he'd ridden this year, this was by far the best lunch stop! The Volunteers here were David Slayton, who tested this ride back in '05, Bret Gross, my brother Matthew, and his wife Jessica and 1yr old son, Matthew Mark.

On the way out, photographer Todd Myers got personal photos of each one, which can optionally be put on the back of the BDO jersey, above the profile.

The 11 mile flat bike path gave everyone a chance to digest their food before the Lilac climb. Willy Hunt met the riders out there with a refreshing water stop.

Onward through the small town of Valley Center, up 2 roller-coaster hills and then down a long 9% grade to rest stop 5, where cyclists were served fresh fruit smoothies served by Elise & Paul Housler, and other supplements by Dennis Kokas, and Steve Gilmore, under a shaded tree at Pauma Valley Community Center.

A few flat miles, and then a 5 mile climb on past the turn off for Mt. Palomar, and down around Lake Henshaw. Passing Mesa Grande, a right turn took the cyclists over to Santa Ysabel again, with now a left turn towards Julian. By now it is dark for most, and the cool has turned into cold. Mexican tortilla chicken soup was a favorite said Dan Crain, who served here along with Julie Stokes, and Barbie. The mountain winds up here reminded everyone to put everything back on, and not to stick around for very long. Volunteers were loaning out the extra clothes they'd brought, and while riders were wishing they'd brought more. Indeed, this was a November Saturday in the mountains of the quaint "one-horse, one- stop sign" town" Julian. The good news...it's basically all down hill and a tailwind from here!

After descending Banner Grade, there's one "chocolate chip" hill, one fun rollie, and then fun rolling dips dipping further into the desert. Twinkling stars come out to smile their greetings. a two mile fresh paved 4% climb up Yaki pass, and then a whopping fun downhill welcomes the Borrego Double Century Riders back into her arms.

The road T's right into Christmas Circle Park, 204 miles, 14,900 feet of elevation, Borrego Double Ordeal Double Century, You Did It!!!! 55 Finishers!! Misson Accomplished!!

Oh yes, one got lost, ending up with a whopping 234 miles well over 15,000 feet, and the best Lost Story of the bunch. With no time limit, the one lost sheep, Jerry Brown, along with the oldest cyclist, at 71 years old, Jim Brewer were able to get credit for this tough Double Century. There were 5 who didn't finish.

A hot meal was served by Shelly Powell, Nancy Basich, and Steve Gilmore putting together burritos, along with... yes...fresh apple pie.

We had an excellent team of Vounteers on Borrego Double Century. On behalf of all the Riders, the BDO Double Century would like to thank them.

Roving Sagg drivers were Kermit Ganier, and Stan Alvidrez.
Reststop 1: Julia Stokes, Steve Gilmore, Sherry Powell.
Restop 2: Willy Hunt, Nancy Basich, and Steve Alvidrez.
Restop 3: Dan Ccrain, and my Brother, John Harbour.
Restop 4 (lunch): Matthew Harbour, Jessica Harbour (Brother & Sis.in Law & their 1 yr old), David Slayton, and Bruce
Water stop: Willy Hunt.
Restop 5: Paul & Elise Housler, Dennis Kokas, and Steve Gilmore.
Restop 6: Dan Crain, Julia Stokes, and Barbie Pschaida.
Post-ride meal: Sherry Powell, Steve Gilmore, and Nancy Basich.
Ham Radio Support was excellent with two Volunteers at each stop.

A special Thanks to the roving Sag drivers who stayed up late with me trying to locate our one lost sheep; Kermit, Dan, and Steve. It was a long hour from 12:15 to 1:15...and then in walks Jerry Brown...none of our driver's had found him...he had been brought in by some Angel driver out there. The same Angel said he'd also given a DNF'r a ride in. Would like to give the credit to God for keeping everyone safe and free from accidents, and for getting everyone back safely.

First place times go to Male Finishers David Goggins (San Diego) and Reeve Ramos ( So.Lake Tahoe) 13:10, 2nd place: Tom Lavalee (Colorado) 13:35, 3rd place: Dave Elsberry (Laguna Niguel) & Colin Stokes (Mission Viejo) 13:50, 4th Place: Paul Stimson (Santa Rosa) 14:04, 5th Place: James Plante (San Diego) 14:16, 6th Place: James Poppy (Palo Alto) 14:20.

First Place Female: Carol Rutter (So. Lake Tahoe) 15:09, 2nd place: Sandy Earl (Eugene, Oregon) 16:36, 3rd place: Kitty Gourselle (San Ramon) 16:46 , 4th Place: Andi Ramer (San Diego) 17:31, 5th Place, Karla Johnston (La Mesa) 20:53.

Please enjoy reading the Finisher Comments, being sent as a separate e-mail. Personally, I could not have asked for better Volunteer Support. As you will read, the Cyclists themselves, the Stars of the Show, showed perseverance, courage, enthusiasm, commradery, & gratefulness. The cold certainly made it a Double Ordeal, and their Overcoming Spirit highlighted the Double Conquers they truly are. See you in Borrego next year!

Always Lookin' Up, Proud of the Team, Anny Beck

See You at the Top, "Unstopable"!
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