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Las Vegas Double Century , November 18, 2007

 The Las Vegas Double Century is one of the double centuries
included in the U.S.A. Double-Double, and the U.S.A. Triple Crown.

What you'll like about Las Vegas Double Century is that it is routed north of the city,
riding in a bike lane on smooth pavement, no signal lights through the beautiful Valley of Fire.
Even though it is an out and back, the scenery is so spectacular, this is going
to be a non- issue. This year will be a fund raiser for those injured recently in Las Vegas.
The Adobo Club Chapter in Las Vegas will be assisting in supporting this double.

The ride starts and finishes at Fiesta Hotel & Casino in Henderson, Nevada at 4:30am.
Riders have 18.5 hours to finish. Miles: 193, elevation 12,000.

A century option is available with the turn around at Stewart’s Point. Jersey’s available after the ride.
This ride is approved for U.S.A. Triple Crown Credit, and U.S.A. Double-Double credit (two doubles in two different States).

Date:, November 18, 2007
Start/Finish Location:Fiesta Hotel
777 W. Lake Mead Pkwy
Henderson, CA. 89105
Phone 702.558.7000
Total Mileage/Elevation:193 Miles 16000 Ft
Rest Stops:There will be 6 Rest Stops plus dinner
Time Limit:20:30 Hours
Weather:Good weather
Ride Price:
Reg.Fee:$120.00 From Saturday, October 6, 2007 at 12:00 Midnight
to Monday, November 6, 2017 at 1 AM
Ends in Passed
Late Fee:$140.00 Credit Card Only Starts in Monday, November 6, 2017 at 1 AM
Registration Closes:Sunday, November 18, 2007 at 3 PM
Day of Ride: CASH ONLY $170.00
After Ride Dinner:Free
After Ride Breakfast:Free Cold cereal and fruit breakfast
Registration Includes:Route Slip
Places to Stay and Eat:Click Here
Online Registration:Closed. Please check back for next years ride.
Online Volunteer:Closed. Please check back for next years ride.
Registered Rider List:View Registered Rider List
Volunteer List:View Volunteer List
Volunteer Ride:11/15/2017 More Information
Riders Only Area: Riders Only Area
Volunteers Only Area: Volunteers Only Area
Sponsors:Click Here
Contact Us:Mountain High Cycling
10525 Somerset Bl. 1-B
Bellflower, CA 90706-1152
General Rules
Ride Results

Start/ Finish: Days Inn
1501 Carmelo Dr., Oceanside, CA..

Make sure your reservation is  @ this  above address 

Time: 4:30am
Time Limit: 12:30am

Overview of the Route:

     First, let me say this double has the best paved roads ever, and in my opinion, the best paved roads of all the doubles!  It also has the
scenery that best depicts California which include the ocean, the mountains and the desert, all in one double century!  This double has 
relatively few turns.  The bulk of the signals will be along the ocean which will be mostly green when your are coming through in the early
     We will take Pacific Coast Highway all the way down to Solana Beach, which involves no tuns after the first immediate turn out of the 
ride start.  The route then urns inland embracing a few rollers, heading over to the first Rest Stop on the edge of Escondido.  From here 
you'll wind around making your way towards the first mountain climb, heading up the five mile mountain grade towards the small town
of Ramona.  The climbing continues on a less traveled road, Old Julian, up to an even smaller town, Santa Ysabel.  From here it is one
mile up to the 2nd Rest Stop, Inja Park. Another 6 miles of gentle winding road takes the rider to the one-horse town of Julian, which is 
all an old country-western town that is all of one block long.  Here is the summit for the first half of the ride.  An 18 mile scenic decent
on the other side takes you down the other side where you'll be greeted by the beautiful autumn desert terrain.  There will be one short
chocolate chip hill, then multiple dips that are not hills, just little dips.
     Alas, you will see a sign for Borrego Springs turn off, taking you towards Yaki Pass which is all of 2 miles of a fairly gentle climb
with great views of the desert!  Then a long decent down into Borrego.  Here you'll fork left and begin a flat road headed west, then 
circling north towards Borrego which T's into a circular Park,  Christmas Circle, your lunch stop!
      After lunch, you'll head west on a gentle sloping rode headed straight for Montezuma Grade.  This 11 mile well-paved road will take
you higher and higher, with spectacular views of  Borrego's desert!  One mile down to Ranchita Store, & White Big Foot monument for  
a water stop & or porta-potty.  If you are a slower rider, you may want to have your drop off bag sent here as it will get dark early and may
get real cold up here.  
     Down, down, down, making eventually a turn at the T, and then more decent to another T.  Left turn here for a few miles before
turning right onto hwy 76 headed west.for many miles before the next turn, Cole Grade Rd., your 4th Rest Stop for fruit smoothies!
      Next, will be the last tough climb of the day.  It circles around to your left, not letting you how tough 3 mile climb is going to be. 
It is a climb you need to prepare yourself for tackling mentally.  
     After you reach the top, of Cole Grade, you'll come over the next small rolly and see this giant roller coaster out in the distance which 
just looks straight up from your point of view!  However, do not despair because when you actually get to it, you'll find out there's a dip in
the middle of it , and it's not nearly as steep as it looked from when you first saw it!  That roller coaster hill, is what I'd call your 
significant climb.  After that, you begin your descending, via winding roads through a long road called Lilac. 
     Once you get down to the last Rest Stop, you'll be on flats all the way back to Oceanside, with your last seven miles on a bike path.

     Rider Support 'Guarantee:
Mountain High Cycling guarantees full rider support with food, excellent water, & supplements including Hammer products  and roving
support.  There will sunblock except at Rest Stop one.

      Drop bags: please include your warm gear, spare batteries and lights, extra spokes, extra glasses/sunglasses, spare tube(s),
reflector ankle band(s), and other things you may or may not need.  These will go in a bag or sack with your name  & number marked on
it with the designated Rest Stop you would like to go to in the evening.  Please include any medications and inhalers you may need.
If you are bringing your own bag, please make sure your name and phone number or email is on it.  Please mark your name on all
your belongs, including your lights and garmin. 

      We do serve  ionic mineral supplements, the natural antiinflamatory curcumin, and protein powder.  No over the counter medications
will be served. 

       If you forget to take your bag at the end, then expect to cover mailing charges.

       Jersey: A picture will be taken at the beginning of the ride which will go on the jersey.  You can purchase the jersey after the ride, but
not before the ride.  A link will be sent to you whereby you can purchase it yourself via Voler Cycling Wear.  If there are enough orders,
t-shirts will be ordered with the same pictures as the jersey.  A picture attempt will also be take of each of the riders at the end of the ride
and can be printed on the back pocket for a small $15. charge.        

See You at the Top, "Unstopable"!
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